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Pitigliano  is an ancient and rich country of story. Placed on a long rocky spur, the houses seem to be born directly from the tufo. 

The origins, although mysterious, seem remote: vain rocky of still primitive shape, identified within the tufaceous boulder on that the town is raised, make suppose the human presence of installations already in prehistoric age. This is confirmed from some findings in the close country, typical of the period neolitico. The etruscan origin like center inhabited is attested from the innumerable graves recovered in the neighboring territory: a true and actual necropoli, is too of modest dimensions, it is extended long the west slope of the rocky boulder, on the shores of the river Meleta.

Of the Roman period, they do not stay considerable tracks if not in the name, the family present Petilia in Rome until 385 to. a.C., to that the legend populate does to go back the foundation of the town. 

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Sorano sin from the age of the Final Bronze had inhabited (XII-X century a.C.) The country rises on a spur of tufo that overhangs the valley of the river Lente. In medieval and modern period it represented the defensive bulwark for excellence of the Conti Orsini and later on of the Medical, Gran Duchi of Tuscany.

It enters at Sorano across the door south traveling a lot via until the heart of Sorano, practically remained unbroken in its medieval structure.

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Inhabited Sovana sin from the age of the Final Bronze (XII-X sec. a.C.), was an of the main etruscan town of the valley of the river Fiora. The Romen raised it to Town Hall. Bishop's seat in the beginning of the Christianity, venne gained from the Longobardi and subsequently from the Frank. Homeland of the Pontiff Gregorio VII (Ildebrando from Soana), was the main town of the Aldobrandeschi. For its story and the its monuments is the town more mattering some territory. 

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